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Fri, Feb. 1st, 2008, 01:55 pm

I NEED A JOB SO BADLY I AM ONE STEP AWAY FROM ASKING THE HOMELESS MAN THAT WALKS AROUND THE T IF HIS OFFER TO "TURN 10 TRICKS A NIGHT" IS LEGIT. Okay. So not really because even typing that was a struggle. But I rrrreeeeaaalllly need a job.

Tue, Jan. 22nd, 2008, 03:19 pm

I feel the need to counteract the previous post with something delightful. I am having a fairly nice day today. I almost fell asleep in my Computers in Communication class, oops. But then we started actually doing things instead of talking about word processing, so yay! I then proceeded to go to a sweet "Beach Body Workout" class, which despite its silly as-seen-on-tv name is a sick-nasty workout. WOOT. tonight? It's nikki's birthday so we're gonna try and rush tix spamalot.

Sun, Jan. 20th, 2008, 07:33 pm

I'm lonely here. I have friends, I have a great roommate, I even have friends from home around, but I am missing a few key people. I don't have a best friend. Usually I'm okay with that, but I'm okay with it because at home I have several people who I consider my fairly perfect matches. I can count on them to be there, to listen, to hang out with at any time, to never be too busy or have something more important to do when I really need them. Here I have friends, but I don't have that person. I can't find people to go to stupid chick flicks with, and most of my other friends have either a boyfriend, the "best friend" that I am lacking, or both. Which leaves me, not sad or pathetic, but just a little bit lonely. Most of the time it's fine, but sometimes I just want that specific person or two that I know completely gets me, that is my person. I'm not talking about a boyfriend, because while that would be nice, I'm no codependent slouch. I'm okay on my own. I would just really like to find my person, my people.

Sorry for the ridiculous emo entry, I'm not looking for comfort here, just statin' the facts. The End.

Mon, Oct. 29th, 2007, 04:21 pm

Watching the game from a friend's apartment, watching police in riot gear set up blockades, running ecstatically out into the street towards the Citgo sign, laughing and screaming and hugging and more running, yelling at the top of our lungs, jumping up and down in the middle of the street, crowdsurfing,fireworks, general madness and mayhem?

Yup, that's my neighborhood.

Thu, Apr. 26th, 2007, 03:50 pm
The Shins - Turn On Me [Live]

I am freshly reobsessed with the Shins and it is GLORIOUS.

I love them for their smart lyrics and sweet melodies and the beautiful stories in every one of their songs. Their new album is no departure from their regular style, and that is what makes it so good. So many bands put an emphasis on "maturing" their sound, which means changing. I am a firm believer in not messing with a good thing. The Shins' style? A markedly good thing. So I'm glad they're not messing with it.

Here's a winner.

Tue, Feb. 6th, 2007, 10:19 am

Final Score: A cappella, 3. Lindsay, 0.

Aural Fixation took two girls (neither of them me.)
Terpsichore took no one. That's right, they called back six and took no one.
Treblemakers took one guy. Two guys & two girls called back, one guy actually made it in.

This is why I almost never get my hopes up, so that when things don't happen I'm not too sad.
I'll be trying again in the fall.

Fri, Feb. 2nd, 2007, 12:06 pm

I made callbacks for all 3 of the a cappella groups I auditioned for. HELLS YES!

...round one down. It's not over yet.

Tue, Jan. 30th, 2007, 12:03 am

i sang dick in a box a lot tonight. over and over. there's this restaurant in the north end that's sort of becoming our place. they give you wine with dinner, and while waaaaay too expensive, for some reason we keep coming back. dinner tonight was awesome, it made me feel like my emersons are solid. you know when people laugh at a joke you made, but you have the feeling they're just humoring you? I'm kind of weird, so for me, it's expected. they don't laugh out of pity. they laugh because they think i'm funny. everyone makes fun of everyone else, and i love that.
by the way, by "my emersons", i mean my friends who attend Emerson, who are greater in number than my BU friends, mostly because weekends are when you make memories and Nikki and I pretty much live at Emerson on the weekends. I'm okay with that. I didn't think I was, and I wanted to reconcile it, but in a year or two, the fact that our friends don't go to the same school won't matter, because chances are we'll be in apartments, possibly together, time willing. so we'll see how far patience takes me.
Pan's labyrinth tonight? AMAZING. If you haven't seen it, I highly highly highly recommend it.

Mon, Jan. 29th, 2007, 12:23 am

This Thursday, one of the groups I auditioned for last semester is having more auditions for their a cappella group. I'm not getting my hopes up, since this was the group that didn't call me back last semester, but I feel like being in a group like this (because let's face it, we all know how much i love a cappella, and if you don't, well then you don't know me very well do you?) would really help me out in feeling happier here at BU. I'm excited in spite of my best efforts, and I'm hoping for the best. I'm singing something Ella Fitz this time, in the hopes that my sultry jazz tones with lull them into submission, casting an acceptance spell on them...or maybe i'm just hoping i'll do a good job and they'll like me. Wish me luck! Or don't. But say a silent "break a leg" for me in the coming days.

Wed, Jan. 17th, 2007, 07:52 pm

So I auditioned for BU on Broadway, our musical theater group tonight. West Side Story, which is one of my all-time favorites. Unfortunately, BU's a big place, and I am a little lady. I miss the big fish in a small pond thing I had going at Portsmouth sometimes. I like to sing, I like to act, and I like feeling like I do those things well. Every group is so big here that it's hard for a freshman girl with ok but not super incredible skills to get parts. But I will press on!

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